FREE pick-up/drop off at these two Locations:

  • Tucson -  I-10 and Red Rock Exit: 226

  • Phoenix -  I-10 and Casa Blanca Rd/Hwy 587 Exit: 175 

Door-to-Door Delivery is $20 to most Phoenix/Tucson local residential type locations but may be higher in rural outlying areas.  

  • Delivery charge is per each way. (receive + return)

  • Door-to-Door Delivery is available for orders over $50

  • Delivery/Pick-up is curbside only

  • Questions? Contact us for details


Your Bouquet / Décor Rental is based on a maximum 3-day time period. If you fail to return your products within the 3-day time period, you will be charged for an additional day rental for each day over the original 3-days. If you return your product in less than 3-days, you will still be charged for a 3-day period. You must make arrangements to pick up or drop off the bouquet /décor rental items to a specified location at a specified time as agreed upon by both parties. Although we strive to accommodate our clients schedule, due to possible schedule conflicts, we may not be able to accommodate your delivery or pick up times and will need to reschedule. Alternate arrangements will need to be made by the renter to insure the rental items are returned within the 3-day period. We love our clients and understand that many of you are being pulled in many directions during your wedding planning, so we truly will do our best to accommodate your schedules!


Payments and deposits are due at the time of receiving rental. Special orders need a deposit in place at the time of order. Rental deposit will be maintained until rental product is returned. If product is returned in the same condition as when rented, you will receive your full refund at the time of return less the rental amount. If you decide you want to keep your bouquet and/or décor item, we will retain your deposit for those items. In the event of a damaged product, we will access the cost for repair or replacement and refund accordingly.

We accept most bank apps such as Venmo, Zelle, CashApp, PayPal, for deposits and we also accept good ol' cashola. The refund of your deposit will be returned in the same manner as you sent it to us. Example: if you gave us cash for deposit, you will receive cash for refunded deposit, if you paid by Venmo, your refund will be by Venmo back to the same account as deposit was received.


We occasionally take special orders on some products. Please contact us to discuss your details and ideas. People ask us all the time if we sell our bouquets. Yes, we sell and ship our bouquets within the continuous 48 states. Please reach out to us for details. (note, we do not ship for renting)